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We found Datassette after he linked to Monotonik from his own artist website. Fortunately, it turns out that he hearts us, and we heart him, since the UK-based artist with the retro-hardware themed pseudonym cuts up a lovely mix of previous Monotonik artists like Vim! and Braces Tower, alternating funky electronica with the geekier bleep end of the spectrum, but coming out all wine and roses in the originality stakes. Starting out with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop drift of 'Microfocus', it's...
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Topic: Bleep
Please Do Something
by Khonnor
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Toward a new electronic romanticism. One of the most interesting new faces in independent electronic music this past year has been Khonnor (aka Grandma and I, Cactus). At only 16 years of age, his unique style signals a new dialect in the language of electronic music -- one built from an engaging confrontation of nostalgic themes and artful digital interruptions. The music in Khonnor's world is a private sort, evocative and transporting. A strange music that makes you feel old for the first...
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Topics: Cult, Electropop
Please Do Something
by Colophon
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The fractured temperament. Colophon is the multi-talented Ed Powley (York, UK). I first heard his brilliant expositions in densely layered post-rock by downloading the "Imprint/Tailpiece" EP at Nishi a few months ago. He uses a formula of power, beauty, and silence. How these elements are proportioned is the real work of art here -- it is done with great dexterity, often resulting in songs which feel unusually triumphant. Like bits of stuff from a cancelled dream involving Slint,...
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Topics: Post-Rock, Experimental